Journalist that disclosed Limburg Mayor’s early vaccination questioned

As part of the investigation in to leak of information that showed that the Mayor of the Limburg town of Sint-Truiden and several members of her family and staff were vaccinated against coronavirus long before they were due to be given a jab, a journalist that broke the story has been questioned. The journalist was questioned by police and an examining magistrate on Thursday. The vaccination centre in Sint-Truiden was also visited by investigators. 

The investigation is into an alleged breach of medical confidentially that saw the details of the Mayor of Sint-Truiden Veerle Heeren (Christian democrat, photo above) and several members of her entourage’s vaccination details enter the public domain.

Bruno Coppin of the Limburg Judicial Authorities told VRT News that "Staff at the vaccination centre gave their full cooperation and amongst other things explained how the computer system at the centre works. The system contains citizens’ confidential medical data. People need to be sure that confidential medical data doesn’t end up becoming part of the investigation”.

Mr Coppin added that the Judicial Authorities are working with a representative of the Order of Physicians to examine how the investigation can progress without any confidential medical information being leaked. A member of the Computer Crime Unit was also present during the visit to the vaccination centre as a complaint has been filed alleging that the server there had been hacked.

The Examining Magistrate’s visit was to find how the centre works. It was not a search of the premises and no statements were taken nor was anything confiscated.

A journalist from the local news website Trudocs that broke the story was questioned by police and the Examining Magistrate on Thursday. Ms Heeren (56) was vaccinated in March at a time when only those aged 85 and over were being given coronavirus jabs. The disclosure of her and her entourage’s early vaccinations has been the centre of political storm since the news broke on Tuesday. 

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