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Thieves steal swan eggs from Zaventem park

Thieves have taken several eggs that had been laid by swans that live on the pond in the municipal park at Zaventem in Flemish Brabant. Park keepers noticed that the eggs had been taken when they visited the island at the middle of the pond while they were on their rounds at the Mariadal Park. 

Swan chicks can fetch as much as 100 euro each. This is not the first time that there has been an incident at the park that is often targeted by vandals.

Paving slabs and cobble stones have been thrown into the lake and now thieves have taken eggs laid by the park’s swans. A regular visitor to the park told VRT Radio 2 Flemish Brabant that it is sad that someone should have taken the eggs and that the chicks will no be born without parents. “They’re so sweet and to just take them away like that. It’s like snatching a child away from its parents. You wouldn’t do that would you? You should let nature run its course”.   

Some locals believe that the municipal authorities took the eggs away. However, they deny that this was the case and say that thieves motived by financial gain are responsible for the eggs’ disappearance. A swan chick is worth around 100 euro. It is still unclear how the egg thief got to the island in order to steal the eggs. 

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