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Smouldering cables trigger traffic chaos in Brussels

An awful lot of smoke and smouldering cables caused havoc to traffic in and around the Sainctelette Square in downtown Brussels on Friday.  The power cables that are attached under the bridge over the Brussels-Willebroek Canal started to smoulder around midday.  Even the evening rush-hour was severely disrupted.

It was around midday that Brussels fire-fighters were called to the area after smoke could be seen rising.  The source of the smoke proved to be power cables under the bridge over the Brussels-Willebroek Canal. 

Fire-fighters had to wait until the electricity company had cut off the power before they could start to spray extinguishing foam.  By 6:30PM the fire was out.  The incident caused considerable congestion as traffic was not allowed on the bridge. The bridge could only be reopened after the stability of the construction was checked. 

brandweer Brussel

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