What do Saturday's relaxations mean for you?

A whole set of corona restrictions were trashed at midnight.  People in Belgium no longer need to observe a curfew and stay indoors at night.  Hospitality is allowed to open outside serving on terraces and pavement cafes, while activities in the open air are under fewer restrictions.

Restaurants and cafés are once again allowed to serve customers, but only out of doors.  Groups are limited to 4 people per table unless all are members of the same household.  Parties must sit 1.5m apart.  Hospitality must close by 10PM.  Customers may only enter premises to use the loo or settle up.  There is no bar service and staff and customers must wear face coverings unless seated.

The curfew has been replaced by a ban on gatherings in public.  Gatherings are limited to three individuals between the hours of midnight and 5AM unless all are members of the same household.  Under 13s are not counted.

Indoors households may now welcome two guests at the same time instead of only one as long as both guests belong to the same household.  Under 13s are not counted.  Physical distancing of 1.5m is required unless your guest is your designated hug buddy.

Up to 50 people can attend cultural events, performances and religious ceremonies outdoors.   

Youth and sports clubs may stage organised activities for up to 25 participants in open air.  Children under 13 may gather indoors in tens.

Amusement parks and jumble sales are once again permitted.

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