Foto: Belga

Indian variant at Antwerp care home

There’s an outbreak of the Indian variant of coronavirus at a care home in Borsbeek (Antwerp Province).

The Care and Health Agency has confirmed five cases of coronavirus among residents and staff at the home including three of the Indian variant.  One resident has deid.

Everybody at the home will be tested on Monday. Infected residents are in isolation and no visits are being allowed to the whole care home. 

All residents were vaccinated.

Residents in the affected wing were first tested last week and more tests are expected on Tuesday.  These tests should provide more information on any further spread of the Indian variant among residents.

“It’s not the first outbreak in a care home where residents have been vaccinated.  Sporadically there are small outbreaks also involving other variants” says the agency’s Joris Moonens.  “The outbreak is limited, but the presence of the Indian variant is concerning because we know little about it”.

Vaccination provides protection against serious illness, complications and death, but you can still catch coronavirus.  Moonens adds that the residents are elderly and that deaths do occur for other reasons: “It can’t be ruled out that the resident, who died, did not die as a result of the Indian variant.”

It’s unclear how the Indian variant ended up in the home.  No links with India have been established.

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