All pupils may return to school full time from today

For the first time since the Autumn half term break all pupils that attend schools in Flanders and the rest of Belgium may be taught face-to-face from today. Under the measures designed to curb the spread of coronavirus, pupils from the 3rd year upwards of secondary school were being taught a maximum of 50% at school and a minimum of 50% through online distance learning. 

For now, on secondary schools that wish to can teach their 14 to 18+ year-old pupils full time on site. However, schools are not obliged to revert to 100% face to face teaching and some schools will continue to use distance learning methods. The Education Boards say that it is difficult to say how many schools will continue to use distance learning methods and to what extent they will do so.  

The general feeling is that individual schools are best placed to assess the situation in their respective areas and to decide accordingly.

The Flemish Catholic Schools Boards says that most of its schools reopened fully on Monday morning, but here and there a few schools are still teaching some classes through online distance learning methods.

The Board’s Spokesman Pieter-Jan Crombez told journalists that "Some schools will wait another week to switch fully to face-to-face teaching”. 

This could be because distance teaching has proved to have worked well and is preferred by the teacher and pupils or because the all-clear for 100% face-to-face teaching still has to be given by the health and safety adviser.




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