Reopening of terraces sees surge in number of drunks at A&E

The Accident and Emergency Unit at Antwerp’s Stuivenberg Hospital treated 10 patients for alcohol intoxication on Saturday evening. This is more than during previous weekends. A spokesperson for the hospital told the VRT that “Some people celebrated the reopening of bar terraces quite intensively”. 

While around 10 people were treated for alcoholic intoxication at Stuivenberg Hospital. There was not a single case at the Middelheim Hospital that is also part of ZNA that groups Antwerp’s hospitals. ZNA’s Tom Van de Vreken told the VRT that A&E departments of hospitals in or near to city centres are more likely to have to treat people for the ill-effects of excessive alcohol consumption.

Mr Van de Vreken added that the increase in the number of A&E patients that have drunk too much is probably linked to the reopening of the terraces of cafés and bars.   

"A week ago there will also have been people that had drunk too much, but then that was probably in their home environment and they didn’t need to be taken to hospital. This weekend they were on a terrace and an ambulance will have been called. This is something that we often see, for example on New Year’s Eve. However, it had been some time ago as the bars and restaurants had been closed for months".

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