Martin Bertrand / Hans Lucas

Record number of vaccines supplied this week

More and more areas are completing their vaccination of over 65s, while a record number of vaccines are being delivered this week. 

In Flanders over 90% of over 65s have been given at least a first dose of a corona vaccine.  In Wallonia the figure is between 78% and 85% depending on the area.  In German-speaking Belgium the figure is over 80%, while in Brussels it’s only 74%.

The figures come from Belgium’s vaccination taskforce.

The focus is now on patients with underlying health conditions.  35% of people in this risk category have received a first shot.  10,000 pregnant women have now also been added to the priority list.

People, who failed to meet their vaccination appointment, will get a second chance before the end of the vaccination campaign. 

This week 548,000 doses of a corona vaccine are being delivered in Belgium, a new record.

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