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Belgium bottom of the list in European 'responsible driving barometer' 

The Belgian Institute for Safe Traffic (VIAS) has revealed that Belgium obtained a very poor score in Europe where complying with traffic rules is concerned. According to a poll by Fondation Vinci, which established a 'barometer for responsible driving' in 11 European countries, over 80 percent of Belgian motorists admits that they don't always respect traffic rules. "We have a long way to go", says VIAS.  

The 84 percent puts Belgium bottom of the list. While an overwhelming majority admits flouting traffic rules, many fail to see the benefits or the use. About 20 percent admits they are just following the rules to avoid a fine. This is, again, the poorest score of the bunch. 

2 in 3 motorists (67 percent) admit they sometimes 'forget' to slow down at places where road works are taking place, compared to the European average of 51 percent. Belgian drivers are short of patience: when another vehicle which has priority is hesitating to go first, 49 percent admits they don't wait and go for it anyway, compared to the European average of 35 percent. 

1 in 6 respondents also said "they are no longer the same person behind the wheel". This is, again, the worst score when compared to the other countries. 

VIAS is concerned: "Traffic regulations have been put in place to make it safer for everybody. But Belgians often seem to give their own interpretation to the rules. We should keep on focusing on awareness campaigns about possible consequences of their behaviour. Nobody has the road for him- or herself. But it seems we have a lot of work ahead." 

20 percent is just following traffic rules to avoid a fine

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