City of Diest dismisses employee in a case of vaccination fraud

A call centre employee working for the city of Diest (Flemish Brabant) has been dismissed after helping family members, friends and colleagues skip the queue to get an early corona vaccination. 

The city of Diest announced the news in a press statement. In early May, an investigation was started after a number of abnormalities were seen at the local Den Amer vaccination centre. Four other staff members are also facing dismissal or a sanction.    

The dismissed employee hadn't put herself on the list, but other colleagues, one of their partners, and both her parents. Another employee went further, putting herself on the list but also her partner,  parents and parents-in-law, a colleague, her brother-in-law and a friend.

Asked whether this may have been a bigger system, Diest mayor  Christophe De Graef hesitated before answering "I hope not. But this shows that if you work in a vaccination centre, you can easily arrange for friends and family to jump the queue."

8 of the 15 unallowed vaccinations could be stopped, but the harm has been done. "When I see that some abuse their position, I am heavily disappointed as a mayor." 

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