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Interval between first and second AstraZeneca jab reduced

Health ministers from the different governments in Belgium have decided to reduce the time between two AstraZeneca corona vaccines to 8 weeks (coming from 12).  

The decision will apply to those who haven't received an invitation for the first jab yet. Nothing changes for those who already had their first AstraZeneca dose, or for those who already have an invitation. The Brussels regional government had made a similar decision last week, but this rule will now apply to the whole country. The vaccination taskforce underlined that this shorter interval will have no ill effect on the protection of vaccinated people. 

Vaccination centres got many requests and questions from citizens during the course of the day. People asked whether they will also have a shorter time span and wanted to change the date for the second jab. They argued that it is unfair that those coming next will enjoy the shorter interval. 

The Flemish Health Minister Wouter Beke repeated his ambition to have every adult in Flanders vaccinated by 11 July, the Flemish holiday. By mid-August, most adults will have received a second jab as well. "This is two weeks earlier than scheduled, thanks to this latest decision", says Beke. 

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