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Travel within Europe will be possible this summer, says PM: "We will know more at the end of May"

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) estimates that travel within the European Union should be possible next summer: "We will know more in the next couple of weeks".

The PM was speaking during yesterday's press conference in which the relaxations of the corona restrictions for this summer were announced. As the situation in Belgium is improving, virologists warn that we should avoid new variants are being imported by travellers.

The European corona certificate will be an important one for those willing to travel. The PM said that more details are expected on 25 May, when a European summit is being held. "I have no doubt that foreign travel will be possible within Europe, but details are still being discussed. I think we will have more clarity in two or three weeks' time." Belgian key ministers have planned a new meeting soon after the European talks. 

Belgian health ministers will now draw up a list of green countries that necessitate no quarantine on return.  

At present, those returning from a country in a red corona zone, have to undergo two corona tests: one on the first day and one on the seventh day after their return, and they also have to self-isolate. At present, most countries or regions in Europe are still red zones. 

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