1722 line for non-urgent help from the Fire Service operational as rain and winds sweep the country

The Federal Department of the Interior has announced that the 1722 hotline that can be used to report non-life-threatening incidents to the Fire Service is operational. The decision to activate the line has come after the Royal Meteorological Institute (KMI) warned of poor weather conditions with storms and the possibility of flooding. 

Anyone requiring urgent assistance for the fire or ambulance services should still call 112, the standard emergency services number.

The 1722 hotline is activated for a limited period, for example during adverse weather conditions, and can be used by people that need to report incidents of a non-life-threatening nature that nevertheless necessitate assistance for the Fire Service. These include flooded cellars or trees that are blocking roads.

The extra hotline is designed to prevent the 112-emergency number becoming overwhelmed and as such prevent any delays to the emergency services in their response to life-threatening situations.


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