Nicolas Maeterlinck

Vaccinologist says “We're going to be able to immunise an extremely large portion of the Flemish population”

Speaking in an interview with VRT News, the vaccinologist Pierre Van Damme has said that the vaccination programme is now moving at full speed. “Next week we will be able to administer half a million vaccines in Flanders”.  

But that’s not all, in the weeks that follow the number of vaccines administered will increase still further. “During the week starting 24 May and during all the weeks in June we will exceed 750,000 vaccinations per week. We are going to immunise an extremely large portion of the Flemish population”.

But will the vaccination centres be able to keep pace?

"Some centres have not yet reached their full capacity; others are prepared to work throughout the weekends. Apparently, they’re having little trouble finding volunteers. This shows just how much solidarity there is”, Professor Van Damme said.  

The virologist went onto say that in June younger adults (age 18 and above) will be offered a vaccine. “And then we can look forward to the summer holiday period (July and August) when in all probability it will be the turn of 16- and 17-year-olds”. 

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