Almost 1 in 4 Francophones say that will refuse a coronavirus jab

According to the latest motivation barometer carried out by Ghent University and Louvain-la-Neuve University (UCL) almost twice as many Francophone Belgians as Flemings say that they don’t intend to get vaccinated against coronavirus. 38% of Francophones say that they will refuse or already have refused to get vaccinated against coronavirus. Among Flemings this is just 20%.  

Meanwhile, only just over half (51%) of Francophones are positive about coronavirus vaccines. This compares to 71% of Flemings. The difference in attitudes towards vaccination between the country’s two main language groups had decreased during February but has increased against since March. 

Olivier Luminet of Louvain-la-Neuve University (UCL) told the daily ‘Le Soir’ that after having suffered a shortage of vaccines at the start of the year “we now face having sufficient doses but not enough people to give them to”. Mr Luminet says that greater efforts are needed to motivate people, especially Francophones, people with low levels of academic attainment and middle-aged people”.

Extra efforts are being made in both Wallonia and Brussels to up the percentage of people prepared to get vaccinated. In Wallonia the regional government has called on local authorities to take action to increase vaccination take up in their respective areas.

There is some hope those as the survey also shows that 74% of those that had doubts about vaccination in December and January were either “willing” or “very willing” to accept a jab when the were asked again in April. Family members, nurses and local pharmacists were said to have influenced them the most to change their minds. 

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