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Second dismissal from Diest vaccination centre

A second member of staff at the vaccination centre in the Flemish Brabant town of Diest has been sacked for their involvement in vaccination fraud. Earlier this week another member of staff at the centre was dismissed after it emerged that they had arranged for their colleagues, family and friends to get vaccinated before they otherwise would have been. 

The news of the first dismissal came to light on Wednesday. It involved someone that worked at the centre's call centre. On Friday evening the Municipal Cabinet in Diest decided that a second person working at the centre should also be shown the door.

The town’s Mayor Christophe De Graef (Open Diest) said in a statement that “We have looked at the case in full and based on this we have taken the decision to bring to an end the collaboration with the said member of staff with immediate effect”. The Mayor is refusing to give any further details for the time being.

This is the second dismissal from the vaccination centre in less than a week. A disciplinary investigation against three other people that work at the centre is still ongoing.  

Mayor De Graef added that he and his team of Aldermen had spend many hours discussing the issue before they had made their decision.


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