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500 demonstrators stage protest against coronavirus restrictions

Around 500 people took part in a demonstration in Brussels' Ter Kamerenbos Park on Saturday afternoon. Their protest against the measures in force to curb the spread of coronavirus was part of the Worldwide Demonstration for Freedom. The demonstration had not been authorised and as such was illegal. Nevertheless, it passed more or less without incident. 

Similar demonstrations were held in dozens of other cities across the globe. The demonstrators said that the measures brought in by the authorities to curb the spread of coronavirus are unconstitutional and violate basic human rights. Moreover, they claim that the measures are of little use in tackling the pandemic.

One demonstrator told VRT News that "We are here today to demand our freedom back. We are not here to ask for it, but to demand it because freedom is our right. For more than a year our constitutional rights and freedoms have been violated and this must stop”. 

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