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No Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccines to be delivered to Belgium for the time being

It is still unclear when further supplies of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine will be delivered to Belgium. Up until now Belgium has received 100,000 doses of the vaccine that requires just one shot for immunisation against the virus. However, no further deliveries have been announced for the coming weeks. 

This is particular bad news for groups in society that have proved difficult to reach for vaccination so far. The fact that the vaccine doesn’t require storage at very low temperatures and that it requires just one doses makes it particularly suited for use outside vaccination centres, for example for the vaccination of homeless people or people that are unable to travel to go and get a jab.

The Ghent University (UGent) Professor of general practice Jan De Maeseneer, who is also a member of the Vaccination Task Force, told VRT News that “Production issues have arisen at Johnson & Johnson. This have meant that a large quantity of the vaccines produced proved to be not fit for use. They now need to catch up”.

"We hope that in weeks to come the orders placed with Johnson & Johnson will come through”.

"The issue is particular difficult for groups we would like to immunise with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. It is a one-shot vaccine, and we would like to use it to reach people that can’t travel and people living in difficult social circumstances, such as the homeless”.


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