Several thousand protesters at pro-Palestinian demonstration in Brussels

Several thousand people took part in a demonstration to show support for the Palestinians in the light of the current flare up of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. According to the police at one point as many as 3,000 people took part in the protest. Brussels was one of many cities worldwide where pro-Palestinian demonstrations were held on Saturday. 

Since the start of the week the Israeli army has been bombing the Gaza Strip in response to rocket attacks launched on Israel from Gaza. The Gaza Strip is controlled by the radical Islamist movement Hamas. There have been fatalities on both sides.

Those that took part in the demonstration demanded that Israel stops bombing Gaza and that it brings to an end the occupation and isolation of Palestinian land.

The demonstrators climbed the statues of King Albert I and Queen Elisabeth on the Albertplein and the Royal Library Building and waved Palestinian flags. A few of the demonstrators set off fireworks, but there were no further incidents to report. 

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