Woman held hostage for more than 10 hours in Brussels flat

Police ended a hostage taking incident that had gone on for more than 10 hours on Saturday. A man had taken a woman hostage inside a flat in the municipality of Sint-Joost-ten-Node. 

Police received reports of a women having been held hostage in a flat on the Dwarsstraat in Sint-Joost-ten-Node at around midday. 

Speaking late on Saturday evening Audrey Deraymaeker if the Brussels-North Local Police Service told VRT News that the incident was of a domestic nature. Ms Deraymaeker added that “At around 10:15pm the police were able to enter the building. The operation ran smoothly and led to an arrest. The man was armed, but not with a firearm”.

The police were able to free the female hostage. She had sustained slight injures while she was being held hostage. It is as yet unclear what her link is to the hostage taker.


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