Flemings from outside the capital give false postcodes to get early jab in Brussels

A combination of lies about postcodes and carelessness on the part of vaccination centre staff has meant that during the last few weeks a number of Flemings from outside Brussels have been able to get vaccinated at one of the capital’s vaccination centres. A combination of factors (the younger population, lower vaccination take-up,…) meant that they were able vaccinated earlier than they would have been had they have been had they have waited for a vaccination at a Flemish vaccination centre.

At fault is the site people can use if they want to be put onto the reserve list for a vaccine. People from the reserve list are called up to go and get a jab if there is a surplus of vaccines at a vaccination centre. Brussels has its own registration system called BRUVAX.

During the past few weeks several cases have come to light of Flemings from outside Brussels having registered and having been given a vaccine. This is despite the reserve lists only being intended for people resident in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Inge Neven of the Brussels Health Inspectorate told VRT Radio 2 Flemish Brabant and Brussels that "At the start during the registration on the BRUVAX system people were only asked for their national registration number and their post code. The data was not subject to any further checks and a number of Flemings misused this to get vaccinated more quickly in Brussels”.

Ms Neven added that when it was launched the BRUVAX platform was made as easy as possible to use and was based on trust. However, this was abused, mostly by people that live in the Flemish Region that hoped to get vaccinated more quickly than they otherwise would have been.

Ms Neven says that the abuse of the system is regrettable and that there are now more stringent checks to ensure further abuses of the system don’t take place in the future. Extra checks will also be carried out in the vaccination centres. Identity cards will be checked and anyone not registered as living in Brussels will be turned away.


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