New app helps you find the nearest public WC

A new free-of-charge app has been launched that helps it users find the nearest publicly accessible toilet facilities anywhere in Brussels. The Peesy app directs its users to the nearest WC wherever it might be in any of Brussels’ 19 municipalities. 

Meanwhile Peesy’s website  contains a full list of all publicly assessable toilet facilities, be they in railway stations, in parks or elsewhere else.

The coronavirus crisis and the closure of hospitality outlets for many months that it brought with it highlighted the issue the lack of publicly assessable WCs. 

The issue is even more acute for women than it is for men. Of the 168 toilet facilities listed in the Peesy app, just 60% are accessible for women, while all of them can be used by men. Meanwhile, just a quarter have access for people with reduced mobility. 

55% the WCs listed can be used free-of-charge and 40% are accessible 24 hours a day.  

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