18% of Flemish households have seen income fall due to the coronavirus crisis

According to the results of a survey carried out by the Flemish bureau of statistics Statistiek Vlaanderen, almost one in five households in our region have seen their income fall since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. 10,000 Flemings took part in the survey the results of which were published on Tuesday morning. 

18% of respondents said that their household income had fallen since the start of the pandemic. 72% of those surveyed said that their household income had remained the same, while 5% said that their income was up on what it was prior to the coronavirus crisis.

People in big cities and those that live alone especially have seen their income fall. Couples without children have suffered the least financial ill-effects from the crisis. 33% of those that said that their income was down said that this was because they had been laid off work and put on temporary unemployment, 26% said that their income as a self-employed person was down due to the public health crisis.

Of those surveyed 10% said that they had difficulties paying bills such as their rent, utilities’ bills or medical bills or costs related to their children’s education. Among one parent families 19% said that each month they deferred payment of at least one bill.

Almost three-quarters of the Flemings that took part in the survey said that their employment situation had not changed during the past year. However, 11% had been put on temporary unemployment during at least some of the past 14 months. 4% of those surveyed are still laid off and claiming temporary unemployment.

The employment situation of those with low levels of academic achievement has changed the most during the past year. 

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