Fewer than 400 COVID-19 patients in ICUs by 9 June says Professor Van Gucht

Speaking at Tuesday morning’s National Crisis Centre press conference, the virologist Steven Van Gucht was particularly upbeat about the evolution of the figures relating to the coronavirus pandemic. “We only have good news. Currently the figures are following the most optimistic forecasts”, Professor Van Gucht said. 

The virologist said that this is because of the progress made in the vaccination campaign and also because of the behaviour of all of us. "Studies show that we are sticking to the measures and are limiting our contacts as long as we’re not vaccinated”.

Professor Van Gucht believes that the number of coronavirus patients on ICUs will soon fall below 500. “At the current rate this should be around the end of May and if it continues at this rate, we could even be below 400 by 9 June”.

Speaking about the Indian variant, Professor Van Gucht told the press conference that there are currently 77 confirmed cases in Belgium, but there are probably more cases than this. He added that it is still unclear how much more infectious the Indian variant is than other coronavirus variants.

Most importantly of all is that Professor Van Gucht says that there is no indication that vaccines offer less protection against the Indian variant than they do against other variants. 

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