Covid-19 update: 21 fatalities per day

All corona parameters in Belgium are improving. The number of corona deaths has fallen to 21 people each day on average over the past week, a drop of 44 percent on the week. However, the latest figures also show that the virus is far from gone. 

On average, 127 corona patients are being taken to hospital each day. This figure is 18 percent down on the week, but hospitals still reported 141 new hospitalisations yesterday. Almost 2,100 new infections are still being reported each day. 

The number of Covid patients in intensive care is at 589 now (-6); 363 of them (-12) are on ventilators. From 10 to 16 May, 21 patients succumbed per day on average as a result of a corona infection, a drop of 44 percent on the week. 

Meanwhile, the health advisory body 'Hoge Gezondheidsraad' has given the green light for the vaccination of 16- and 17-year-olds in Belgium. These teenagers don't often end up in hospital, but they do contribute to the spreading of the virus.  

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