Only 2 in 3 youngsters want to get a corona vaccination; concerns about economic recovery

Only 66 percent of those aged between 18 and 25 are prepared to get a corona vaccine. That's according to 'De Stemming', a large-scale poll on behalf of the VRT NWS newsroom and De Standaard. The poll also reveals that a majority of the people in Flanders has a lack of confidence in the governments' approach of the future i.e. the economic recovery in post-corona times. 

Flanders boasts a high vaccination rate for the 65+ age category (93 percent) but this age group was the easiest to be convinced, experts warn. They say that the younger people become, the harder it will get to reach the 70 percent threshold for the herd immunity. The poll confirms this: just below 70 percent of the youngsters aged between 18 and 25 want to get a corona jab. 

Other factors are playing a role as well, such as political preferences. Far-right Vlaams Belang voters and green voters have the lowest score, while the socialist electorate are most eager to get a vaccination. 

Do we have a good plan for the future?

There are also economic concerns. Less than 1 in 3 Flemings estimates that the different governments in Belgium have a good plan for post-corona times. 

Will the governments have to make extra cuts to get the budget back in balance, will we have to pay higher taxes, and will the economy actually recover fast or not? These are all issues that are giving Flemings a headache. 

63 percent finds that the governments are too busy dealing with the present situation and not focusing enough on the (economic) future. Only 29 percent thinks the governments have a good plan to get the economy back on track. 

Only 29 percent thinks the government has a good plan to get the economy back on track 

The poll was conducted by the universities of Antwerpen and Brussels (UAntwerpen and VUB) between the end of March and 19 April and included 2,000 respondents deemed representative for the Flemish society.  

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