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“Lost” footage from 1960’s BBC Sherlock Holmes series turns up in VRT’s archive

Unique footage from a BBC production featuring the adventures of the fictional private detective Sherlock Holmes has been discovered our archive here at the VRT in Brussels. All footage from the series that aired on the BBC back in 1968 was thought to have been lost. 

However, on the eve of Sherlock Holmes Day (22 May) Flandersnews.be can announce that what is the only remaining footage from the series that was aired 53 years ago has been found in the VRT’s archives. The VRT has given the footage to our colleges across the channel at the British public broadcaster BBC.

The BBC production entitled ‘Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes’ features the late Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes, a role that he had played several times since the late 1950’s.


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