Fugitive soldier “staked out a target for 2 hours on Monday evening”

Speaking after a meeting of the Crisis Centre about the ongoing situation with the fugitive soldier Jürgen Conings, the Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne (Flemish liberal) stressed that Mr Conings is extremely dangerous. He added that the soldier who took an arsenal of weapons from the Leopoldsburg Barracks in Limburg stalked out the home of a “target” on Monday evening. VRT News has heard from a reliable source that the target was the virologist, Marc Van Ranst.

Professor Van Ranst and his family are currently at a safe house.  When Jürgen Conings’ car was found on Tuesday it was boobytrapped. 

"The criminal investigation points to this not having been an impulsive act. The man prepared for it for days in advance. He is someone that is on the terrorist list and he is very dangerous”, Mr Van Quickenborne added. 

“For example, it has transpired that on Monday evening just after his disappearance he went to a target’s homes and hung around in the vicinity for two, before eventually turning back”. The Justice Minister would not give any information on the identity of the target. However, a source has told VRT News that it was Professor Van Ranst. The virologist and his family were taken to a safe house on Tuesday.

When Jürgen Comings’ car was found on Tuesday it was boobytrapped and some of the weapons, including rocket launchers, that he had taken from the barracks were inside. The Justice Minister says that it is clear that he intended to make victims.

"It is not by chance that he is on the OCAD terrorist list. He is on it because he wants to use violence and society and against our citizens”. 

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