Professor Van Gucht: "Figures have halved compared with the peak of the first third wave”

Speaking at Friday morning’s National Crisis Centre press conference, the virologist Professor Steven Van Gucht was able to give plenty of positive news. “The figures continue to head in the right direction. The number of infections, hospitalisations and deaths have halved compared with the peak of the third wave. We are increasingly reaping the benefits of the vaccination campaign, but we are still not out of the danger zone”. 

Although the number of infections is still falling week-on-week, scientists are now seeing an increase in the daily figures. 

“So, we expect that there will be an increase in the weekly average soon. There is still a lot of virus in circulation. We also see that the age of those becoming infected, being hospitalised, and dying is becoming younger. This is normal as the older generations are protected by the vaccine”. 

Professor Van Gucht also gave some optimistic forecasts for the near future. “Normally we should be below 75 hospitalisations (per day) during the first week of June. Next week we should go under 500 beds occupied on ICUs”. 

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