Woman from West Flanders missing in Switzerland

Police in Switzerland are searching for a 21-year-old woman from the West Flemish town of Ieper that has been missing since Tuesday morning. Sarah Huyghe was staying in a chalet with a group of friends in the village of Täsch, not far from the well-know spa town of Zermatt. 

The 21-year-old student parked her car in Täsch on Monday evening and travelled on to the chalet in nearby Obri Tuftra by train. On Tuesday morning she left the chalet after a row with her friends. She left without her purse, luggage, or mobile phone.  

Sarah’s brother Gils Huyghe told VRT News that “The police found quite a bit of blood in her bathroom. Sniffer dogs picked up her scent in the wooded area between the chalet and the station, but the trail ends there”. Gils Huyghe and several other family members have travelled to Switzerland to help with the search. They have also helped with the distribution of notices appealing for information about Sarah’s whereabouts.

Täsch is close to Switzerland’s border with Italy and near to the 1,500-metre-high Matterhorn mountain. The Swiss police and army have mounted a large-scale search operation to try and find the West Fleming. The area can be dangerous due to the rugged terrain and the nights there are currently bitterly cold. The friends she was staying with have been questioned. However, it is as yet unclear whether they have been able to provide any information that might be useful in the investigation into Sarah’s disappearance.  


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