Far-right Vlaams Belang leader Tom Van Grieken has reason to cheer.

Far-right Vlaams Belang remains the biggest party in Flanders

A new poll on behalf of VRT NWS and De Standaard reveals that Vlaams Belang and the Flemish nationalist N-VA would have a majority in Flemish Parliament if elections were held now. In the 2019 elections, they just fell short of a majority of seats which resulted in Vlaams Belang being ousted from the new coalition by the other traditional parties. 

The poll was conducted between the end of March and 19 April by the universities of Antwerpen (UAntwerpen) and Brussels (VUB) on behalf of the VRT news desk and the daily De Standaard. It included 2,000 respondents in Flanders, deemed representative for the whole population. 

Vlaams Belang would just fall short of 25 percent of the votes, the poll suggests. The N-VA of Antwerp mayor Bart De Wever takes second place with 21.5 percent. All the other parties are far behind: the Flemish socialists (Vooruit), the liberals of Open VLD, the greens (Groen) and the christian democrats of CD&V all have to be content with between 10 and 12 percent of the votes. The far-left PVDA fetches some 8 percent. 

While Vlaams Belang does not grow any longer (at least not if we compare to last year's poll) it's still doing a lot better than the election result of 2019. President Tom Van Grieken hopes to remain the biggest player until the next elections in 2024. Together with the N-VA, he would get over 46 percent of the votes, but due the electoral system both would have a majority in Flemish Parliament together. Last time, they just fell short of a Flemish right to far-right majority. 

This resulted in Vlaams Belang being ousted from the new coalition, as other parties do not want to cooperate with them because of the far-right background. 

PM is the most popular politician

Meanwhile PM Alexander De Croo is the most popular politician in Flanders. He not only enjoys support in his own ranks, but also from voters for other parties. De Croo jumps to pole position, keeping Bart De Wever from first place. 

They are followed by Vlaams Belang president Tom Van Grieken, socialist leader Conner Rousseau and federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke, another Flemish socialist figurehead. (about the chart below: the first score is the one from last year's poll). 

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