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11 soldiers which are being followed by intelligence services, lose some of their rights

11 soldiers with extremist ideas have been denied access to weapon stocks and sensitive information in the armed forces, Defence Minister Ludivine Dedonder has announced. 

The decision was taken in the aftermath of the Jürgen Conings case. The fugitive soldier had access to weapon stocks despite being listed as potentially dangerous by OCAD, the body that analyses the terror threat in Belgium. Conings had links with far-right groups, among other things. He vanished last Monday and is still on the run. Conings took several weapons with him. 

Ludivine Dedonder had announced a stricter approach a few days ago, and this can be seen in the latest measure. 11 militarymen who are being followed by intelligence services because of their radical ideas or sympathies for far-right groups have lost some of their rights. They will no longer have access to weapon depots and to sensitive information, the minister told the Francophone news programme "C'est pas tous les jours dimanche" on the commercial channel RTL-TVi. 

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