Interpol issues international search warrant for fugitive soldier, NP reopened

An international search warrant has been issued to find Jürgen Conings, the soldier on the run who has been labelled as a terror suspect by the Belgian authorities. Conings is still on the run despite a five-day manhunt including sweepings and house searches. Meanwhile, the national park 'Hoge Kempen' has been reopened. 

At first, detectives thought the armed soldier Jürgen Conings was hiding in the national park 'Hoge Kempen' in Limburg. However, the manhunt in the park was stopped yesterday after four days of sweepings had proved fruitless. 

In fact, the natural area has been reopened to the public. The Limburg governor Jos Lantmeeters says things are safe: "There is no reason at present to assume that Conings is in the park so why should we have to close it? At this moment, it's just as safe as other places in the country." 

Meanwhile, Conings has been put on an international list of 'wanted persons' by Interpol. The website mentions 'threatening with attacks against persons or the regime' as charges against the 46-year-old.   

It is not clear which clues Belgian investigators have left to find Conings. They are concentrating on family, friends and right extremist contacts now.  

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