Visit Brussels as it was in 1908: horse-drawn carriages and people in nice suits (video) 

A Dutch YouTuber has restored old black-and-white footage of Brussels and put the new - colour - version online. The video shows daily life in the capital, with streets dominated by pedestrians, cyclists and horse-drawn carriages more than 100 years ago. Now and then you can see a tram or a car. 

The Dutch YouTuber "Rick88888888" is specialised in archive footage. This time, he decided to work with footage from the Brussels film museum Cinematek. The video was shot by a British team in 1908. 

"The main goal of my YouTube channel is to share historic, restored films, mainly from before the Second World War", the man told our colleagues of the Francophone public broadcaster RTBF. "Many historic movies were digitalised using old techniques, which didn't always yield the best result. But now we have good software to improve old videos based on artificial intelligence." 

From the North Station to the Wetstraat

The movie shows several well-known locations in Brussels: the former North Station at Rogier (it was situated more towards the city centre at that time), the central avenues, the Beurs, the Brouckère square, the Court House (Justitiepaleis) and the eastern edge of the Wetstraat looking towards the Jubelpark with its landmark Triumphal Arch. 

If it wasn't for the arch, it would have been hard to realise we are in the present Wetstraat, since the area has changed completely with the construction of the Berlaymont building and other European office blocks. 

Watch the movies below, the original version is followed by the new one.  

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