Brussels North station evacuated after tip about fugitive soldier

Investigators are receiving various tips about the fugitive soldier Jürgen Conings. However, these tips have not proved successful so far. Yesterday, a search operation in the Brussels North station proved fruitless. The federal judicial authorities have launched an appeal to Conings to "contact somebody he trusts". It shows that detectives have no clues about the man's whereabouts. Conings has been on the run for a week now. 

Investigators are receiving daily tips from members of the public who think they (may) have spotted the soldier on the run Jürgen Conings who has been labelled as a terror suspect. Yesterday evening, one of these tips concerned the busy Brussels North station. 

The whole station was searched and no trains were allowed to stop between 8:10 and 9:40 in the evening - rail traffic was allowed to pass through the public transport hub meanwhile. The station was evacuated for a while, but the search was of no avail: Conings is still on the run. 

Public prosecutor makes a live statement

Yesterday, the federal public prosecutor Frédéric Van Leeuw read out a statement, calling on Conings to contact somebody that he trusts. "Until now, there have been no victims and no violence has been used. This is a very good thing. We ask the people to keep a serene attitude in order to have a good ending."

"We ask Jürgen Conings to get in touch with somebody he trusts", Van Leeuw told the commercial and public broadcaster VTM and VRT in a live statement in their 7 o'clock news bulletins. 

Experts think that this means detectives still have no clue of Conings' whereabouts, but he may have access to the media. However, not a single option is being ruled out.  

Watch the statement made by Frédéric Van Leeuw here:

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