SUV drives into a house in Poppel

Occupants of a house in Poppel (Ravels) had a major scare on Sunday evening when a car crashed into their home. The driver fled the scene, but could be apprehended later on. He had probably drunk too much alcohol. 

The daughter was in the living room when the car made its way into the corner of the house around 10 p.m. last night. The 19-year-old didn't get injured but ran outside to meet her mother, screaming. 

"It's the third time a car drives into the house", owner Yvette Stobbaerts told the VRT's local radio station Radio 2 Antwerpen. "I wanted to take the man's car keys but he got aggressive and went off on foot." 

Police found the man this morning. Yvette is happy that nobody got injured, though the damage is huge. "There is a hole in the wall and the corner of the room is covered in dust and bricks." Fire services came to the scene to clean up the mess and to strengthen the structure of the house.  

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