“Fewer than 500 Covid patients in ICUs by the end of the week”

Steven Van Gucht, head of viral diseases at Belgian health science institute Sciensano, says all corona indicators are heading in the right direction. 

On average 115 patients are being hospitalised each day. The figure is down 13% on the week.  “If the trend continues, the figure will stand at 75 hospitalisations a day by mid-June” says Van Gucht.

The number of Covid patients in critical care continues to fall.  At present there are 542 patients in ICUs.  The figure is down 12% on the week.  “By the end of the week the figure will fall below 500” says Van Gucht “and that’s an important condition to allow relaxations to go ahead.”

The virologist says the slight increase in the figures in the number of new infections is artificial as a comparison is being made with a previous week that included a holiday (Ascension) when fewer tests are carried out. “If you compare weekday with weekday, you see a fall and that will return to the weekly average soon.”

Monday too was a holiday (Whit Monday) and that means that forthcoming figures too need to be considered with the necessary care.

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