VTM News in emergency studio after Dutch far right threat

VTM’s news bulletin was broadcast from an emergency studio in Vilvoorde (Flemish Brabant) last night after a far-right group from the Netherlands issued threats.  The premises of DPG Media in Antwerp that houses VTM news services as well as editorial offices of the dailies Het Laatste Nieuws and De Morgen were cleared.

VTM was unable to present its news bulletin from its new studio in Antwerp after the DPG premises in Antwerp were evacuated after threats were received around 5:30PM.  Police used sniffer dogs to comb through the entire building.

The exact nature of the threats reportedly issued by a Dutch far right group calling itself the Dutch Anonymous Freedom Fighters is unclear.

Antwerp police says nothing untoward was found during the search, but until the exact origin of the threat could be established decided to take no risks.  Antwerp police note that threats like these are always taken seriously.

Since yesterday DPG Media’s offices have been given extra security and are being guarded by a private security firm.

Flemish media minister Benjamin Dalle (Christian democrat) has condemned the threats made.  “Threats against journalists are unacceptable” he said in a tweet in which he pledged his support for DPG Media staff.

At the minute the threat isn’t being linked to the investigation into the far right and heavily armed Belgian soldier Jürgen Conings, who has gone AWOL and has been the subject of a manhunt for a week.

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