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More details of 9 June relaxations emerge

Draft legislation setting out the relaxations planned to kick in on 9 June as part of the first phase of the governments’ Summer Plan has been finalised and dispatched to the council of state for final vetting.

The relaxations include up to four people being allowed to meet up outside during the night-time.  Earlier the curfew was replaced by a ban on gatherings of more than three people at night.  This is planned to rise to four people. Children are not counted.

The secondary legislation opens the way for garden parties with up to 50 participants.  Such parties will have to be organised in the same way as hospitality and follow the same rules.  Physical distancing of 1.5m will apply between households or groups of 4s attending garden parties.  Parties must end by 11:30 PM.

Night shops will be able to stay open till 11:30 PM and the sale of alcoholic beverages after 10PM is once again permitted.

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