Sofie's killer gets 25 years

A court in Bruges has sentenced Romanian national Alexandru Caliniuc to 25 years in jail after he was found guilty of the murder and rape of Sofie Muylle in Knokke (West Flanders) four years ago.

Prosecutors had sought the heaviest sentence, lifelong imprisonment, for the 27-year-old at the Bruges court of assizes.  Caliniuc was found guilty last Friday.  It was on 27 January 2017 that the lifeless body of Sofie Muylle was discovered on the beach at Knokke.

In court Caliniuc was described as a ‘sexual pervert, who could not be treated and formed a danger to society’.

The Romanian’s defence pleaded his young age and pointed to his lack of form. Caliniuc listened to his sentence in tears.

The Muylle Family seemed disappointed by the sentence.  Father Daniël said that he was now a lifelong victim: “The heaviest sentence would not have been good enough”.

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