Bizarre incident with "tyre thrower" on E34 motorway

The E34 motorway in Stekene (East Flanders) was the scene of a bizarre incident when a man could be seen standing on the roof of a lorry. The truck driver began to slow down when he saw something strange was happening: at one stage the intruder threw a tyre from the roof onto the second lane of the motorway. When police arrived at the scene, the man had vanished. No complaint was launched. 

The footage was taken around 6 o'clock this morning by a motorist driving behind the lorry. Raoul De Schuyter next posted the video on Facebook saying "I have seen a lot on the road already, but this was something I could hardly believe (...) A truck driver tries to get rid of a tyre-throwing intruder on the E34 for Antwerp-bound traffic."  

Watch the video here: 

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