Fines to go up 8 to 25 euros this summer

Traffic fines (and others) will be lifted with 8 to 25 euros as from this summer. The news was reported by De Standaard and has been confirmed to the VRT's news desk VRT NWS. 

The extra amount mostly applies to traffic fines or other types of standard (police) fines. If a judge imposes a fine in court, or if you have to receive (several) administrative reminders, the rise can reach up to 25 euros. 

For the lowest traffic fines - 53 euros at present - the smallest increase of 8 euros equals 17 percent. The new rates should yield an extra 15 million to the state coffers even this year. For next year, the extra income for the state is estimated at 43 million. 

The Bruges police judge Peter Vandamme told the press agency Belga that on the one hand, the increase can be logical because fines include a lot of administrative costs, especially when offenders have to be urged to cough up the money. But on the other hand, there are already several extras at present, especially in police courts, he argues. "In many cases, a fine imposed by a police court already includes 300 euros of extra costs. If they make it 325 now, you may ask whether this is really necessary."  

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