Number of IC patients dips below the mark of 500, opening the door for more relaxations

We have gone below the mark of 500 IC beds taken by Covid patients today, the health institute Sciensano has confirmed. This line had to be crossed again as figures are falling in order to allow more relaxations during the course of June. 

Sciensano announced that there are 491 corona patients left in intensive care wardens now. The figure has reached a 10-week low: the last time we had less than 500 corona patients in IC was 14 March, at the start of the third wave. 

"We have reached an important alert level", Pedro Facon of Sciensano wrote on Twitter. "Now, it's important to continue the drop in order to allow more non-Covid patients to be treated (the blue zone in the graphic) and to give more breathing space to health workers again."  

The good figures open the door for more relaxations. Several restrictions could be scrapped on 9 June as a result. The government will decide on that at a later stage. 

(note: this morning we reported that there are 508 patients left in IC wardens. These are the figures published on Sciensano's daily  dashboard and go one day back. Today, Sciensano exceptionally announced the very latest statistics because an important mark has been reached). 

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