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Wild boar that crossed the Albertkanaal will be killed

Hunters will kill a handful of wild boar that managed to cross the Albertkanaal, a waterway in Limburg province. In order to curb the spreading of these wild animals, the agency concerned with our forests and nature "Agentschap Natuur en Bos" has marked the channel in Beringen as a natural border which they can't cross. 

Yesterday, some wild boar were spotted swimming in the Albertkanaal. They had ended up in the water and were trying to reach the shore. They were rescued by specialised teams while others were caught by police with the help of locals. (see video) 

However, some escaped the attention of the people and were spotted on the other side of the channel in Paal and Tervant later on. "We have reports of 3 to 4 wild boar," Jeroen Denaeghel of Natuur en Bos told the VRT's local radio station Radio 2 Limburg. 

Hunters that are active in the area have been asked to kill the animals if they see them. "We hope to eliminate them as soon as possible in order to stop their further spreading", says Denaeghel.  

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