All corona parameters improve, new patients in hospital getting younger a lot

The number of new hospitalisations due to Covid-19 continues to fall. It has reached 101 per day now, approaching the symbolic mark of 100. The people ending up in hospital are getting younger a lot: "We are now seeing more youngsters in their twenties and thirties than people above 80." This clearly proves that the vaccination campaign is working.  

The rolling average of 101 is 19 percent down on the week. Yesterday, Belgian hospitals reported just 91 hospitalisations. 166 corona patients were discharged from hospital, bringing the total number of corona patients in our hospitals to 1,366. This is a 17 percent down on the week. 

As the vaccination campaign first focused on elderly and vulnerable people, hospitals are seeing more new patients in their twenties and thirties now than people of 80 years and older - a large majority of the latter has been vaccinated already. However, more than half of the new patients are people in their forties and fifties. 

Hospitals are seeing more Covid patients in their twenties and thirties now than patients of 80+ 

As we reported yesterday afternoon, the number of Intensive care patients has fallen below 500 to reach 491. The health institute Sciensano told its Friday news briefing that if figures continue to fall like this, we should reach the mark of 400 IC patients at the end of next week. 

A majority of IC patients (313) are on ventilators. The daily number of fatalities has dropped to 17 per day now. 

Between 18 and 24 May, 2,049 new cases were reported each day while almost 48,000 Covid tests were being carried out on a daily basis. The reproduction number (R-value) has dropped to 0.84 as all parameters continue to improve. 

So far, 48.6 percent of the adult population has been vaccinated (or has at least received one dose of a corona vaccine).  

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