New search for Jürgen Conings proves fruitless; items taken away for investigation

The latest search for the soldier on the run Jürgen Conings was abandoned at sunset yesterday without result. However, some items that were found in the national park 'Hoge Kempen' during the operation have been seized and will be investigated. No new search has been scheduled for today, it is unclear what will happen next. 

"A couple of items were seized during the search", the spokeswoman for the judicial authorities Wenke Roggen told reporters (photo). "However, it does not seem that these will allow a breakthrough in the case." No new search operations have been scheduled for the time being. It is not clear what will happen next. The judicial authorities underline the investigation meanwhile continues behind the scenes. 

Jürgen Conings, a soldier with a long past record in international missions, vanished last week on Monday. Before he left the army barracks, he took guns and ammunition with him from a military depot.

Some of these dangerous arms were found in his abandoned car at the edge of the NP 'Hoge Kempen'. If he is still alive, Conings may be dangerous as he is still armed. 

On a list of possibly dangerous extremists

Last February, he was put on a list of possibly dangerous extremists by OCAD, the body that analyses the terror threat in Belgium. This is also why the judicial authorities are now labelling him as a terror suspect. An international search warrant for Conings has been issued. 

Conings had problems with the corona restrictions and had threatened the government and virologists in this respect. He has links with members of far-right groups. One of Belgium's renowned virologists, Marc Van Ranst, has been transferred to a safe house with his family and enjoys police protection. 

It was also revealed that Conings gave fighting trainings to a right extremist group called the Flemish Legion.  

Jonas Roosens

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