Hugs and kisses from 9 June

Several Flemish dailies today publish tantalising details of the draft legislation paving the way for fresh relaxations of corona restrictions on 9 June. Many physical distancing rules in the home and for people who meet up outdoors are being trashed.  Limits on the number of contacts are also being abandoned.

From 9 June indoor hospitality may reopen, pavement cafes may serve customers till 11:30PM, up to 50 people can attend outdoor gatherings and the number of spectators allowed to attend or participate in events is going up too.

The draft legislation allows you to host up to 4 people in your home at one time (children are not counted) and up to 50 people in the garden (children are counted). No restrictions remain on the number of people you can invite into your home in total i.e. at different occasions.

Moreover, physical distancing is no longer required among host and guests.  That means 1.5m social distancing and masks are not required by law.  Hugging, cuddling and even kissing are no longer off the menu.

However, the draft says physical distancing (sometimes called social distancing), masking, hand hygiene and ventilation remain ‘highly recommended’.

Physical distancing is no longer legally required for ‘permitted activities in parties of fours’ i.e. when you meet up in fours for a restaurant meal or go to the cinema or ‘when hosting guests in the home’.  Physical distancing must be observed with regard to other parties!

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