La Boum3 and eight other demos in Brussels on Saturday

There’s a busy day in prospect for law enforcers in the Belgian and Flemish capital on Saturday as six demonstrations have been given the go-ahead with a further three unauthorised protests planned.

An unauthorised third edition of the La Boum party protest is scheduled to take place in the Ter Kameren Wood from 4PM onwards. Earlier outings of this festival led to clashes with the police after corona rules were flouted.

Supporters of the heavily armed rogue soldier Jürgen Conings, who is still on the run, are also expected to gather at the wood earlier in the day.  This protest too has not been OKed.

The wood is also the planned venue for a third unauthorised demo, the European Demonstration for Freedom and Democracy, an international protest against corona restrictions.  The organisers believe up to 40,000 people from across Europe could respond to the appeal to protest launched on social media.

Six demos have been authorised in downtown Brussels and at the Atomium including one on bikes.  They include demos in support of health care workers (static demo near Central Station, 4,000 expected), peace in the Middle East, the Kurds, the Uighurs, human rights in Turkey and the Belarusian opposition. Apart from the health care workers no more than 200 people are expected at the other authorised demos.

The health care workers demo at Central Station

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