Recipe for Gratin of Asparagus pops up in Belgium’s official gazette

Belgium’s official gazette is usually a bone-dry publication publishing all legislation introduced by parliament and ministers, but lawyers and legislators keeping up to date on the latest legislative twists in the realm will be forgiven for choking on their coffee recently when they checked an update to a royal decree dating from 2014 as it contained a recipe for Gratin of Asparagus.

We have legal expert Morgan Moller to thank for discovering this bizarre anomaly.  The recipe suddenly pops up in legislation on medicine pricing that was recently updated. Sadly, only the Francophone version of the gazette includes the recipe for Gratin of Asparagus that concludes with the words ‘Bon appétit” that admittedly are usually universally understood.

Morgan posted a tweet expressing surprise and a link to the relevant article.  Meanwhile it seems the official gazette has been updated yet again and the handy recipe has disappeared, though, if you are determined, you can still find it in the pdf version.

It looks like somebody inadvertently copied and pasted the wrong item into the text and, be honest, who has not done this at some time? One legal expert told VRT: “Thank goodness this person had food on his or her mind and wasn’t trawling a pornographic website”.

Fortunately, the mistake has now been removed from the only legal version.  The pdf apparently does not count!

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