Vaccination centre in lockdown amid weapon scare

Police in Lint (Antwerp Province) put the local vaccination centre at the AED Studios in lockdown yesterday after a report that ‘somebody who may have been carrying a weapon’ had been sighted.

It was around 2PM on Friday afternoon that somebody reported seeing an individual, who was possibly armed, in the vicinity of the vaccination centre.  As police are still trying to track down a heavily armed soldier, who has gone AWOL, no risks were taken and work at the vaccination centre was halted.

Police conducted a sweep of the centre and identified a weapons collector, who was carrying a fake weapon.

“We will talk to the man again” said Reiner Smets of the local police. “He didn’t do anything illegal, but caused an awful lot of commotion.  In times like these, that’s best to be avoided.”

The search of the centre wasted a whole hour of everybody’s time.  Afterwards work at the centre was able to resume.  The centre stayed open a little longer than usual to give everybody their jab, but people who wanted to rebook after all the excitement were able to do so too.

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